Frequently Asked Questions

How often is probe calibration required?

FibroScan® probes require annual probe calibration. The probes are calibrated by our Echosens-trained personnel using a calibration bench. A probe calibration report is provided in the probe case upon calibration.

How do I know when my probes need calibration?

The Fibroscan device will notify you 30 days before calibration is due. To receive a notification about calibration reminder, restart your Fibroscan on a weekly basis. You can also check the last probe calibration date in the settings tab under system/ service/ probes memory; the calibration date will be found in the following format YYYY/MM.

How do I get my probes calibrated?

Completing the service request form will create a service ticket; required information will include name, shipping/ billing address, Fibroscan Serial Number and Probe Serial Number.

Have any other service related inquires?

Call 866-905-4837 (available 9-5pm EST) or email You can also complete a service request to initiate a service ticket.

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