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At Echosens North America we envision a future where medical professionals and their patients have the best tools and information to simply and effectively assess and manage liver health. We combine cutting-edge design and innovative capabilities into our FibroScan® systems. This helps to reveal hidden medical insights with unprecedented speed and accuracy, transforming the delivery of healthcare as we know it today.

Most people are not aware of the largest organ in the human body, your liver. About the size of a football, your liver is responsible for performing many functions that are critical to your well-being.

Your liver:
  • Makes, stores, and releases sugars and fats
  • Aids digestion by releasing bile salts to break down food
  • Stores and supplies vitamins, minerals and iron to parts of the body where they are needed
  • Clears the blood of waste products, hormones, drugs, and other toxins.
  • Produces essential proteins, including blood clotting factors and enzymes.

In essence, your liver is a chemical processing plant that constantly distributes essential nutrients while removing harmful toxins. In this way, your liver takes care of you and at Echosens North America, we strive to empower you to keep your liver healthy, because liver health matters.

The danger of diabetes &

obesity for liver health

While we may not always be aware of all the functions are liver performs, most are aware of the twin epidemics afflicting millions of Americans: diabetes and obesity. While these conditions pose a variety of health risks, as a company focused on liver health, we are acutely concerned with this fact: being obese and/or diabetic makes you highly susceptible to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD.

NAFLD is associated with obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and other metabolic risk factors, and is directly related to too much fat in the liver cells. If left untreated, NAFLD can progress to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) which may lead to cirrhosis of the liver with complications of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), liver failure and liver-related death or the requirement of liver transplantation (learn more about NASH).

Even more alarming is that NAFLD is asymptomatic and can progress silently for several years before evolving to NASH. Nationwide, more than half of adults suffering from NAFLD are obese, and 30% or more are overweight [1]. Conversely, being overweight or obese is responsible for causing roughly 85% of fatty liver disease.

New approach to

assessing liver health

Conservative estimates from the American Liver Foundation indicate roughly 100 million Americans are living with NAFLD. The current gold standard for finding those at risk for NASH is through a highly invasive, expensive and painful procedure known as a liver biopsy. During a biopsy, patients have a large needle inserted into their liver so a small sample of liver tissue can be removed for testing. However, the invasiveness, inadequate level of accuracy – scientists estimate that more than 30% of biopsy diagnoses may be wrong – and large universe of potential patients indicates this is an impractical approach.

The good news? New, non-invasive technologies such as FibroScan have emerged which provide insights that can empower physicians and patients to regain control of their liver health. Through the combination of VCTE™ and CAP™, dual-function liver testing has proven effective at identifying and monitoring those patients at risk for developing chronic liver disease, including NAFLD-NASH. Clinically validated by over 2,000 peer-reviewed studies, VCTE and CAP allow for an extended assessment of the liver at the point of care, and offer insights that may not be captured by blood tests alone.

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Dr Douglas Dieterich, Mount Sinai Health System

Mount Sinai Health System

“FibroScan has dramatically changed the way we practice – for the better. It has had a significant impact on our patients’ overall long-term.”

Dr. Douglas Dieterich
Director, Institute for Liver Medicine
Mount Sinai Health System
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