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MyFibroScan application

The MyFibroScan Application assists FibroScan operators and physicians in interpreting their FibroScan examination results.

Download the app, create a free account, and you will be prompted to provide your CAP™ and VCTE™ scores from the FibroScan examination.

After entering in your CAP & VCTE scores, users will then choose their preferred etiology. The available etiologies include: Alcohol, Auto-immune Hepatitis, Primary Biliary Cholangitis, HBV, HIV / HCV, HCV, NASH / NAFLD & Pediatrics.

After providing your VCTE and CAP scores, the MyFibroScan app displays a graphical representation of your FibroScan scores along with the threshold values for fibrosis and steatosis, displayed as F1-F4 and S1-S4 respectively, based on the publication & etiology chosen.

The app does not replace physicians and is not intended to diagnose. It provides users with a graphical representation of their FibroScan scores, based on current published literature for the selected etiology.

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Introducing FibroScan based scores: FAST

Revolutionizing the assessment of active Fibrotic-NASH

What is FAST?

FAST is a FibroScan based probability score to help identify patients with active fibrotic NASH.


Designed for patients with suspicion of having NAFLD:

  • FAST combines two physical biomarkers, liver stiffness by VCTE and liver fat by CAP, together with a circulating biomarker, AST, into a single score.
  • FAST components are readily accessible in point of care, efficiently reducing your reliance on invasive examinations and costly lab tests.
  • The FAST output is a probability of active fibrotic-NASH that can be easily interpreted by a healthcare provider.

FAST combines your FibroScan examination results

with an easily accessible blood biomarker to help

identify patients with active fibrotic-NASH.

To learn more about FAST download our brochure

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Download the app

Gain free access to:

  • FAST score calculator
  • Selected and curated selection for articles with threshold values for steatosis and fibrosis
  • Graphical representation of patient exam scores
  • A free BMI calculator
  • Easy access to the Echosens Clinical Library, with over 2,000 peer reviewed publications on liver disease and guidelines

Understanding the results:

  • As the FAST score cutoff increases, the screen failure rates and number of biopsies are reduced. At the same time, this higher cutoff is associated with an increase in missed cases. For this reason, the healthcare provider will determine what FAST score will warrant intervention based on their overall patient assessment.
  • Results and thresholds provided by the MyFibroScan App are based on the library of scientific publications related to the selected etiology.
  • Depending on the selected etiology, a list of publications is made available for each biomarker (CAP dB/M & stiffness E in kPa).
  • The result is a representation of the fibrosis and steatosis stage corresponding to entered biomarkers values according to selected publications.
  • Information displayed by the interpretation guides must be interpreted by a healthcare provider.
The MyFibroScan app contains references and uses of FibroScan® in published literature. Echosens does not intend to make any specific claims found in these articles.
The FAST™ score calculator is a tool for clinicians to calculate the probability a patient with suspicion of NAFLD as having active fibrotic-NASH (NASH+NAS ≥4+ F≥2).  The calculator takes into account LSM by VCTE™, CAP™ and AST, and was developed based on a prospective multicenter study and published in peer-reviewed literature. The FAST™ score and calculator are presented as an educational service intended for licensed healthcare professionals. While this score is about specific medical and healthcare issues, it is not a substitute for or replacement of personalized medical advice and is not intended to be used as the sole basis for making individualized medical or health-related decisions. 

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