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Accessing literature to support your interpretation of FibroScan scores - with the MyFibroScan Application

MyFibroScan Application

The MyFibroScan Application assists FibroScan operators and physicians in interpreting their FibroScan examination results.

Download the app, create a free account, and you will be prompted to provide your CAP™ and VCTE™ scores from the FibroScan examination. The application gives users the option to then choose from a large selection of etiologies and publications.

After providing your VCTE and CAP scores, the MyFibroScan app will then provide users with a graphical representation of their FibroScan scores along with a display of the threshold values for fibrosis and steatosis, displayed as F1-F4 and S1-S4 respectively, based on the publications you select.

The app does not replace physicians and is not intended to diagnose. It provides users with a graphical representation of their FibroScan scores, based on current published literature for the etiology chosen.

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Gain free access to:

  • Selected and curated selection for articles with threshold values for steatosis and fibrosis
  • Graphical representation of patient exam scores
  • A free BMI calculator
  • Easy access to the Echosens Clinical Library, with over 2,000 peer reviewed publications on liver disease and guidelines

Understanding Results:

  • Results and thresholds provided by the MyFibroScan App are based on the library of scientific publications related to the selected etiology.
  • Depending on the selected etiology, a list of publications is made available for each biomarker (CAP dB/M & stiffness E in kPa)
  • The result is a representation of the fibrosis and steatosis stage corresponding to entered biomarkers values according to selected publications
  • Information displayed by the interpretation guides must be interpreted by a healthcare provider.
The MyFibroScan app contains references and uses of FibroScan® in published literature. Echosens does not intend to make any specific claims found in these articles.

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