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Seamless integration with electronic health records

FibroScan Gateway

Streamlined patient workflow & provider documentation

FibroScan Gateway connects FibroScan devices and HL7 protocol compliant electronic health records (EHR) applications.

Provider’s orders placed in the EHR appear directly on the FibroScan device based on their scheduled date. The operator simply taps the patient’s name on the screen and begins the exam.

After the exam, FibroScan Gateway automatically transmits the discrete numeric exam results and the PDF report to your EHR for easy retrieval, reviewing and reporting. No manual action to export or store results is required.

Improve workflow efficiency

EHR orders appear directly on FibroScan devices; no manual data entry, printing, scanning, shredding or USB devices. Automated order reconciliation and secure transfer of results.

  • Reduce exam time by reducing data entry
  • Eliminate input errors
  • Directly uploads from FibroScan to EHR
Providers can access the PDF and the exam results directly within the EHR
Illustration of how FibroScan Gateway is used in the exam room and how provider receives and views results

Additional provider benefits

With FibroScan Gateway, providers can access exam results in near real-time, directly from the patient record in the EHR. FibroScan Gateway significantly reduces provider documentation time by providing the numeric results (with units), reference ranges, abnormal flags and guideline comments, that can be pulled directly into a note or referral letter. Additionally, FibroScan Gateway provides interfaced results that trigger charges automatically, avoiding manual charge entries and time chasing lost charges.

Improved patient engagement

Numeric results can be graphed to show patient values over time, used for monitoring population health & future scoring. Examination results sent with FibroScan® Gateway, can also be added to EHR flowsheets to view with AST results.



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The FibroScan Family of Products (Models: 502 Touch, 530 Compact, and 430 Mini+) is intended to provide 50Hz shear wave speed measurements and estimates of tissue stiffness as well as 3.5 MHz ultrasound coefficient of attenuation (CAP: Controlled Attenuation Parameter) in internal structures of the body.

FibroScan Family of Products (Models: 502 Touch, 530 Compact, and 430 Mini+) is indicated for noninvasive measurement in the liver of 50Hz shear wave speed and estimates of stiffness as well as 3.5MHz ultrasound coefficient of attenuation (CAP: Controlled Attenuation Parameter).

The shear wave speed and stiffness, and CAP may be sued as an aid to diagnosis and monitoring of adult patients with liver disease, as part of an overall assessment of the liver.

Shear wave speed and stiffness may be used as an aid to clinical management of pediatric patients with liver disease.

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