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The FibroScan Compact 530, the most innovative liver disease management system

Designed to optimally serve the busy point of care clinic

With its optional roll stand, 15” interactive touchscreen display and durable ergonomic design, the FibroScan 530 Compact is the perfect liver assessment solution for any point-of-care setting.

The FibroScan Compact features our patented VCTE™ and CAP™ dual function technologies, providing clinicians with unprecedented insights for managing patients with liver disease.

As a non-invasive technology, FibroScan is able to provide consistent measurements of liver stiffness and liver fat simultaneously. The examination is completely pain free, for both adult and pediatric patients and takes less than 10 minutes to perform.

The assessment of VCTE and CAP equips medical professionals with the tools necessary for accurate assessments of patients liver health.

FibroScan Compact 530
Touch screen data entry
Light weight, easy to transport
Plug in or battery operated
Optional roll stand for optimal device positioning during testing
S, M+ & XL+ probes: compatible with all morphologies of adult patients
Two probe connectors to easily switch between the M+ and XL+ probes during the examination
Connectivity options: FibroScan® Gateway compatible, multiple USB ports (export data, report to USB devices, report exam can be printed or exported on an external drive) to share information instantly
Dr Douglas Dieterich, Mount Sinai Health System

Mount Sinai Health System

“FibroScan has dramatically changed the way we practice – for the better. It has had a significant impact on our patients’ overall long-term.”

Dr. Douglas Dieterich
Director, Institute for Liver Medicine
Mount Sinai Health System
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Indications for use

The Fibroscan 530 Compact is intended to provide 50Hz shear wave speed measurements and estimates of tissue stiffness as well as 3.5 MHz ultrasound coefficient of attenuation (CAP: Controlled Attenuation Parameter) in internal structures of the body.

Fibroscan® 530 Compact is indicated for noninvasive measurement in the liver of 50Hz shear wave speed and estimates of stiffness as well as 3.5 MHz ultrasound coefficient of attenuation (CAP: Controlled Attenuation Parameter).

The shear wave speed and stiffness, and CAP may be used as an aid to diagnosis and monitoring of adult patients with liver disease, as part of an overall assessment of the liver.

Shear wave speed and stiffness may be used as an aid to clinical management of pediatric patients with liver disease.

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